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Griset Damas in Columbus Makes Art Campaign


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A Dance Studio is not just a new business in Plain City, OH. The village is starting to gain importance in the Columbus area and its history and tradition needs to be supported by the arts, as one of the most important aspects in society. Dance is essential to human interaction and well-being and we offer a space to enjoy and learn dance at all levels.

I invite you to join me with this effort. We really need to dance more, dance is the way to express and spread our happiness everywhere and we need to pass this on to our children... they will make us so proud!

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The only one studio offering FLAMENCOdance in Ohio!


  • Ballet for Children, Youth and Teens
  • Ballet for experienced students 
  • Flamenco dance instruction
  • Ballet and Flamenco for Children and Kids
  • Stretching
  • Zumba® classes
  • and the best instructors that you can find!!!

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Our schedule for this Fall season is online now. Please, check what is the classes of your interest and if you are a new student, fill this form

Fall Season will run from September 2nd to December 18th 2019... and there is a new Beginners class on Saturdays!

We will have an End of the Year performance on that day (Dec 18th) and you can be part of it. It's so excited!


REGULAR CLASSES START ON SEPTEMBER 2nd 2019 and our End of The Year Recital will be on December 18 2019

Griset Damas and Flamenco Company of Columbus were performing on Chautauqua Institution last Summer. They had this great article from Chautauqua Daily. 


Remember, DANCE is happiness, health and art. Checkout this wonderful article from Plain City Advocate Newspaper wrote by Audrey Ingram.