It's the base... there isn't a secret to it. If you take ballet, you will be able to dance anything! But it is not just that: ballet works also to improve self-discipline, self-confidence, and body posture. Besides being pretty, ballet is precise and amazing when it is well done, and our teacher knows exactly how to teach it.


This dance comes from Spain and it's considered as most passionate and powerful dance in the world. But Flamenco is also challenging. The bailaoras and bailaores (dancers) were originally Gypsy, many growing at the margins of society. Whoever dances or sings (or plays) Flamenco, can feel the spark of this gypsy heritage. The Flamenco dancer displays that brave heart, sense of adventure and rebellion of this unique art form. If you think that the energy is inside of you, you have to dance Flamenco. The accompanying percussion, hand claps, music, and footwork complete the power to enjoy Flamenco.

We will offer different Flamenco classes, including level 0 for real, real beginners: Beginners for those interested in an introduction to the dance; Pre Intermediate for those past the beginning level; Intermediate for enthusiastic and very disciplined students; and Advanced levels, for experienced dancers. We also offer a combined Ballet and Flamenco Class for very energetic children, youth and teens; and finally Flamenco Technique classes to improve body movement, arm positions, footwork, and turns.


One of the best tips for professional dancers is to do some stretching before each class/rehearsal/practice or performance. It looks easy, but requires specialized technique and experience to stay away from injuries. This is not only necessary for professionals dancers. The human body loves stretching, specially when you wake-up… that feels so good! Give to your muscles strength and flexibility with this class.


This is a Spanish Classical Dance Class where you can play castanets and use pericones (bigger fans). No need to have your own castanets or pericones (teacher will provide up to ten pairs, first-come first served, but bring yours if you have them!). The percussion and sound of the castanets is incredible and unique.


Columbus area has many dancers in need of specialized help to improve their skills and abilities in Ballet and Pointe. Our teacher would be ready to support and help dancers with their goals. Also we offer Flamenco Private lessons. Please, write an email to to check availability.


We would really love to hear from you. We are open to consider more classes that you could be interested in, for you, your family, or friends. Please write with your recommendations to, we really will appreciate it!

There is not limit with your age!

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