Griset Damas Roche was born in La Habana, Cuba. 
She was selected among hundreds of kids when she was 5 years old to do Gymnastics, and at 8 to start a Ballet career in the Escuela Alejo Carpentier and then in the Escuela Nacional de Arte in La Habana. Her teachers were trained in the Russian Ballet. They created their own Ballet style called Escuela Cubana (Cuban Style). This new style combines the beauty and expression of  French Ballet with the technique, strength and virtuosity of Russian Ballet.

After 8 years of study, she was runner-up for the only one spot available in the worldwide famous Ballet Nacional de Cuba. Her foster sister won the spot. Looking for other options, Griset auditioned for the Ballet Español de Cuba and won the only available spot, starting a new career as Flamenco and Classical Spanish dancer. In this company, she had the opportunity to be instructed by great Spanish teachers and she reached the level of Soloist of the company.

In 1998 Griset traveled to Colombia to work as Ballet teacher in a private dance studio and to teach Flamenco workshops. Her attitude and teaching skills quickly won her the affection and respect of his pupils and their parents, and the number of her students quickly increased. At the same time, she became the owner and director of her own studio, while she continued growing as a dancer and choreographer. She created her own company of Spanish Classical Dance and Flamenco, which won prizes in specialized competitions in Bogotá. All the while, she traveled each year to Spain to take lessons with some of the most important Flamenco masters in the world.

In 2014, during a vacation to the USA, she was invited by Flamenco del Corazon, a Columbus based organization, to teach a Flamenco workshop with their students. At that point Griset decided to stay for a longer time, teaching regular Flamenco and Ballet classes. She was hired by Powell Dance Academy as Ballet and Pointe teacher. She has also been invited by Dublin Dance Center and Gymnastics and by the Ballet Met to teach Flamenco Intensive Courses during last 3 summers.

At the end of 2015 Griset moved with her family to Plain City, Ohio, an adorable town, where she found the perfect place to open a new dance studio. She is looking forward to this new phase and to bringing dance to the Northwest community and the broader Columbus area.

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